Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Make A Tree Snow Globe

There are a million snow globe tutorials floating around the interwebs right now but I'm three days overdue and have been crafting like crazy to keep my mind off of impending labor! These snow globes are all over Pinterest.  I spent around $5 and it took less than 10 minutes to make. I like this little glass jar- although I definitely wouldn't trust the lid not to leak glitter, unless you glue it shut. I also love these little wire trees... thinking of other ways to use the extras I have! My only problem with this project is it was fun to make and finished too quickly!

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe
Jar: $1
Bag of trees: $1.35
Glitter: $2.49

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe
Choose your trees.

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe
Hot glue is key! You can remove it if you ever wanted to dismantle your globe-
AND it keep your trees in place. When I picked up the globes at Anthro, the
trees fell over and were laying in the glitter...

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe

Cheap n' Easy DIY Snow Globe
So sweet! Can't wait to add it to a winter centerpiece!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick N' Easy Boppy Cover

For anyone who has looked, you would know that boppy covers are typically hideous and overpriced. This project took less than 2 hours and I just used fabric from my stash. You can definitely use less than 2 yards- or even piece it together, or use one fabric on one side and another for the reverse. I like having a zipper, most tutorials don't include a zipper or it's placed on the side of the boppy- where the baby would lie- so I definitely like my placement of the zipper WAY better. You'll see in my notes, there are a few changes I want to incorporate on the next cover. Will update on how it turns out! Hope you like the tutorial! Feel free to share your project-I'd love to hear/see how yours turns out. Any suggestions or improvements?

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
*I'm using a 19" zipper on my next go-round, although a 15" zipper works fine

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 1: Fold you fabric in half and trim it to a piece big enough to trace 
half the boppy, plus an inch or so extra. Repeat, and place second piece on top of 
the first piece lining them up along the fold. You will have 4 layers of fabric.
Place half the boppy on the fabric, along the fold. Trace the boppy.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 2: For this cover I added an inch all the way around
but when I do it again I will add 1.5" so the fit isn't SO tight.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 3. Cut out your pieces carefully. It can be tricky with 4 layers so 
you may want to weight the fabric down or use pins. Open pieces and place right side together.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 5: Center the zipper along the back edge.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 6: Place pins along the back, marking where the zipper starts and ends.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 7: Starting 2" or so before first pin sew along the back curve with a 1/2" seam allowance.
When you reach the first pin (marking the beginning of the zipper) backstitch and adjust your 
stitch length to a basting stitch. When you reach the last pin backstitch again, readjust your stitch length
and continue stitching 2" along curve.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 8: Press this seam open. Then center the zipper along the open seam allowance
starting the top of the zipper at the basting stitches. Pin at the top.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 9: This can be tricky, but gently pin the zipper into place from the right side.
Feel the teeth of the zipper as you go and be sure they are centered along the seam.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 10: Stitching 1/4" away from the seam, start at the top of the zipper and 
sew the zipper to the fabric from the right side. *You may find it easier
to navigate the zipper pull if you have it unzipped a ways. Once you get it started, 
carefully zip the zipper back up and resume sewing.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 11: When you reach the end of the zipper, keep your needle down
in the fabric, lift the presser foot, and sew along the short edge. Turn again and sew
up along the other side of the seam. You will be sewing a rectangle around the zipper.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 12: When finished, carefully seam rip your basting stitches inside
the rectangle, revealing the zipper! *This is a great way to incorporate
a "hidden" zipper into your projects.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
See! Next time, by adding 1.5" extra around I'm hoping it pulls less around 
the bulk of the pillow and hides even more!

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 13: Pin around the rest of the boppy, keeping right sides together.
Be sure the zipper is unzipped so you can turn the project right side out
after sewing!

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 14: Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew around the rest of the boppy.

Quick and Easy DIY Boppy Cover
Step 15: Trim your threads, turn right side out and model on your boppy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

40 Weeks

At my appointment this week my midwife suggested we plan something amazing on our due date, that way we have something else to look forward to and if we don't end up having a baby- we still have a wonderful day. So we planned an entire weekend (yes, Dusty took off work on Saturday??!!). Saturday, we made breakfast and then took the dog out to the state park. I also made a pot of 12 hour chili, which included a beautiful  piece of local, grass fed pork butt. Delicious! We vedged-out on the couch and ate chili with homemade cornbread. Today, we went out to brunch at a cute spot in Northern Liberties and both got the creamed chip beef with biscuits and eggs- HELL YES! Everyone around us was like, "dang, what's that?" we had the most popular order of the morning and so many people ordered it after that they ran out, haha. Then we went to the museum, which we haven't done since moving here! Crazy. And THEN, (I know, can there be more?) we decided to splurge and split desert and coffee at Parq in Rittenhouse. I know due dates don't really mean anything, and yes, I would love to have my baby girl here, but we did have a crazy good time these past two days.

early this morning, 40 weeks on the dot

taste bud explosion

the museum has a lot of steps.. drop baby drop

molten chocolate cake with an extra side of ice cream

eeek! look at that wafer!

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