Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Brush with Bed Rest- TMI

Thank you Dusty for capturing these moments...

Last week I worked from home on strict orders of bed rest from my midwife. After spending a scary day in the hospital I knew I would do whatever she said and I followed her orders exactly. It started two Saturdays ago... I had a bridal shower to go to for a dear friend. I headed into the city early because I wanted to get some present wrappings from Paper Source and I wanted to pop into Destination Maternity to grab a shirt to go with the skirt I was wearing. If you ever been in a DM, you'll know the staff is um, kind of aggressive. All I needed was a bigger tee- of course summer tees were no longer available... Needless to say, it became quite a production despite my best efforts and I soon became really overwhelmed. Following a particularly stressful week at work and with family stuff, I guess it was all just too much. I started having bad cramps in the dressing room and thought I might have partially broken my water- YIKES. Freaked out, I quickly put on my clothes and promptly left the sales associate standing there holding outfits and staring after me.

I called my bf Tessa and she said, "Lady, call your midwife!" (At this point, I have about 15 mins to get to the shower, which was approx. 30 mins away) I get it the car and call the midwife on speaker. I was expecting her to tell me to relax and try to take it easy for the rest of the day. Instead she suggested I meet her at the hospital. Whaaat? She said the cramping could be pre-labor contractions and they'd need to check if my water had indeed broken. I lost it. Called Dusty at work and told him to meet me there. Pulled over to google directions to the hospital- and cried. 

I get to the hospital and it is the most confusing place I've been. I'm pretty sure I ended up parking in staff parking.. and then nothing was marked clearly. It hurt so badly to walk and it was nothing but hallway after hallway. I was barely holding in the tears as I clutched my lower belly and slowly made my way around. I asked two nurses for directions- they barely stopped to answer. ?!?! Finally I made it to labor and delivery- but all the rooms were full so they put me in a glorified closet. I waited there for 30 mins until Dusty got there. My midwife was finishing up a labor at the birth center so she wasn't there either. Finally a nurse hooks me up to the monitor and thankfully the baby sounds good. I have now started to have serious Braxton Hicks that seem to be coming one after the other. 

They decide to give me fluids in case I'm dehydrated. The OB comes in to do an exam to see if I'm progressing. They finally gather up the necessary tools and she comes over with a bed pan and a flash light. I was like, "Will the exam make me pee?" She said, "No, but because this bed doesn't have stirrups we'll have to prop you up on it. "What's the flashlight for?" "Oh, we don't have an extra light." Christ, it's like a campground hospital. During the exam they perform an FFN test to check the probability of preterm labor. The OB determined I was 50% effaced but not dialated and that my water had not broken. But my contractions were now 4 mins apart.

There was talk of having to give the baby steroids to help her lungs develop- at 33 weeks she wasn't fully cooked. Dusty and I were scared. Were we going to have a baby today? We didn't even have a car seat yet! Finally, they decided to give me meds in the IV to stop the contractions. After 6 hours, they finally subsided to about 3-4 an hour. My midwife arrived and examined me again. Still not dilated and having passed the FFN, I was given the clearance to head home. But to rest. For a whole week.

It was pretty brutal and boring. I'm glad I got the clearance last Friday to return to work! I was starved for human interaction, lol. I will say that I'm glad Charlotte decided to stay in- this week I'll be 35 weeks, a week closer to being in the clear. And I definitely learned a lesson from the experience and have given myself a much-needed attitude adjustment. STOP STRESSING! DRINK WATER! AND THEN MORE WATER! I've been so stressed about work and having everything done through my leave, unpacking and setting up the house and trying to appease all the needs of friends and family. Whatever gets done, gets done, everything else will work out. We have something every single weekend from now until I'm due except for one. I realized that I just need to start saying NO. I can't do everything and it's not selfish of Dusty and I to want a little time together before we welcome baby, even if it is just a few days!

End rant. :)

Pinterest Project

I completed my first Pinterest project for the nursery! At first, I could decide whether these tissue paper poms were too overdone and if I was sick of them, but then I couldn't find a better idea for a mobile so I decided to go for it. The poms were ridiculously easy to make. Most tissue paper packs have 8 sheets so I got one pom per pack- at $1 to $1.50 a pack, that's pretty cheap. I also added some paper lanterns just to break it up a bit. I bought a 3 lantern kit by Martha Steward (woot woot) at Michaels for less than $15. As for hanging them, I just used some jewelry wire I had laying around, (why I had it I don't know) and some small cup hooks. I really like how it turned out and I LOVE the fact that it was under $30 to make. It is kind of funny how frilly and feminine the nursery is turning out, especially since I intended to use a primary color palette.. pink and grey just seem to be dominating so far.. :)

photo via instagram

Friday, September 14, 2012


When does this set in? I've always been a big "nester"/organizer/decorator... did it go away with my pregnancy? I thought with the new house, I'd be buzzing around like crazy, super-inspired and ready to set up house. Instead I feel constantly overwhelmed and indecisive- boo. I can't decide on anything from colors to curtains and I'm WAY too exhausted to put too much effort in. I usually feel weird before I have everything set up just right but I don't seem to have the drive to actually set everything up this time around... Any advice? Suggestions?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovely Little Portrait

This spring I commissioned a "preggo" family portrait from The Paper Mama. I thought it would be a cute gift for Dusty and something we could hang in the nursery. I think Chelsey did an awesome job and I was thrilled to give it to D, who also loved it. My favorite part of all is Gristle- it looks SO much like him! After Charlotte arrives we'll have her added but I'm glad we will also have a portrait of us before kids :) 

Check out Chelsey's Etsy shop- wouldn't this make a wonderful Christmas gift?!
Also, this!!

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