Sunday, November 4, 2012

40 Weeks

At my appointment this week my midwife suggested we plan something amazing on our due date, that way we have something else to look forward to and if we don't end up having a baby- we still have a wonderful day. So we planned an entire weekend (yes, Dusty took off work on Saturday??!!). Saturday, we made breakfast and then took the dog out to the state park. I also made a pot of 12 hour chili, which included a beautiful  piece of local, grass fed pork butt. Delicious! We vedged-out on the couch and ate chili with homemade cornbread. Today, we went out to brunch at a cute spot in Northern Liberties and both got the creamed chip beef with biscuits and eggs- HELL YES! Everyone around us was like, "dang, what's that?" we had the most popular order of the morning and so many people ordered it after that they ran out, haha. Then we went to the museum, which we haven't done since moving here! Crazy. And THEN, (I know, can there be more?) we decided to splurge and split desert and coffee at Parq in Rittenhouse. I know due dates don't really mean anything, and yes, I would love to have my baby girl here, but we did have a crazy good time these past two days.

early this morning, 40 weeks on the dot

taste bud explosion

the museum has a lot of steps.. drop baby drop

molten chocolate cake with an extra side of ice cream

eeek! look at that wafer!

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