Monday, October 29, 2012

A Nursery for Charlotte

I guess it took me not stressing about it and a hurricane to get me to finish the nursery, (and maybe a little nesting). Really happy with how it turned out. It's a small space but I think it looks so cozy and sweet. When scoping out blogs and pinterest for ideas my favorite nurseries are the ones with little DIY projects and special touches... weird, right? They just always seem so put together with love- and that's what I wanted for our sweet babe. This room adjoins our bedroom and was originally a huge ass walk-in closet. It's funny because it is the only room in the house to actually HAVE a closet.. haha. 

One thing I realized in putting the room together was how much I dislike most nursery furniture. The more expensive, the more I didn't like it. NOT usually the case with me! So we definitely hit up IKEA, and I think their minimalist look and clean lines really suit the room and help it not be too cutesy; especially since I did a few "cutesy" projects. I definitely didn't want the room to be too girlie and I am slightly embarrassed that I incorporated so many trendy Pinterest projects... but ah well. It's a cute little room- and now WE'RE TOTALLY READY! haha, the list has been completed and we're ready to cuddle with our sweet baby girl.

DIY: Pinterest mobile, bumper and bedskirt
Special touches: hand-drawn illustration of our family pre-Charlotte by The Paper Mama
Tiny vintage chair Dusty and I found together antiquing 

DIY: Painted the IKEA dresser, changing pad cover, hanging dress
Special Touches: mobile from our friends Galea and Garrett
Bunting from a present wrapping from our friends Moira and Eric
First edition Charlotte's Web from Aunt Ashley
Handmade owl from my friend Kelly
Picture of my gma from her twenties

DIY: valance, JCrew belt as a curtain tie back
Special Touches: Handmade doll from my friend Kelly

Found these in the sale bin at Anthropologie.. at first they were kind of creepy, but now with the room complete they look cute.

DIY: embroidery hoops, pillow slipcover, ottoman slipcover
Special Touches: Crocheted blanket made by my friend Melissa's grandmother

DIY: easiest project EVER

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