Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

This weekend I celebrated my birthday by treating myself to a snazzy new tattoo at NY Adorned. The lovely and very talented Virginia Elwood sketched up a beautiful design inspired by a fabric from one of my favorite designers. I have to say it hurt like a m$%&*Kf@##r but it was worth it, I love it! I've been waiting for months and was really excited when her next appointment just happened to be this weekend. Dusty and I boarded Gristle for the weekend and had a wonderful time in NYC visiting our good friend Cats. We ate and drank too much and the weekend was topped off by a nice relaxing Sunday in Philly. We picked Gris up from the kennel and shopped and lunched at Terrain (my new, most favorite place on Earth.. no really- I want to live there). They are owned by URBN and is a nursery, home dec/garden store and cafe that serves DELICIOUS locally grown food. We can't wait to go back one night for dinner!

photo dump:

bloodies at brunch

Dusty's breakfast

mmm, my breakfast

Caiti likes ketchup! 

I was a like, ermm under the weather..

cool store in Brooklyn where we wanted to buy everything

awesome print that was not for sale :(

it took a million hours to cross the Williamsburg Bridge

ahhhhh, Central Park <3

new tattoo!!!

I look like a haggard cat lady..

Gristle was tuckered out from his stay at Wagsworth Manor new favorite place

mmm.. mint iced tea and elderberry spritzer!

fresh bread right out of the oven, it was baked in a little flower pot!

bbq chicken sliders with coleslaw and fingerling potatoes

mushroom and goat cheese tart with mache greens

more spritzer!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

These are the reason I've been away for awhile! Just finished a huge custom wedding order- 8 verona clutches in an Erin McMorris fabric chosen by the bride. With my new job, teaching at night and Spool on Sunday I've literally spent all free time I can find holed up in my sewing room working on these. Aren't they so bright and cute though? They be perfect for their destination wedding in the Caribbean!

 I have some lovely tutorials, new handbags designs for fall, and lots of DIY projects to share, so stick around and keep your eyes peeled for new posts! Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspiration Challenge

From the minute I laid my eyes on Spool's latest shipment of shot cottons, I thought of at least a dozen projects I wanted to use it for- a shot cotton quilt top, a shirt, a dress... A few days after the shipment came in I received a package in the mail, the necklace I ordered from Mama Mandolin's shop. I literally squealed in the street! I absolutely ADORE this necklace- espcially the fabric and "bow tie" element... a lovely, modern touch to those classic necklaces we used to make in girl scouts. And then I had a thought-- what if my next sewing project was based around this necklace? What if I found a shot cotton that went well with it?!!!!! It was like, two worlds colliding... The very next day I purchased a yard and a half of one of my favorite shot cottons and made the Anna Tunic Cami.. I simply love the little green buttons and it goes perfectly with my new necklace!! Maybe you'll be inspired to do a similar project? Believe me it's super fun, especially if you in a little creative rut.. it really gets those wheels a turnin'

Don't forget to check out Mandey's Etsy shop:

oh and here's a blurry, yet adorable photo of my guys

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who In The World Is Ashley Kayhart?

I'm so excited to finally get a post up about my girl, Ashley who is also an instructor at Spool. Ashley recently launched her specialty quilting and pattern shop on Etsy- so check it out! She has a unique sense of color and patterns and her original quilt patterns are especially rad! Her quirky sense of humor will have you following her blog in no time, along with her crafty projects and delightful photography.  We both share a special love for Anna Maria Horner, and if you ever meet Ashley- she'll tell you that Anna once commented on one of her blog posts (trollip!). Anyway, I asked Ashley a few questions about K<3 and this is what she said..enjoy!

I promise I don't just like her because she's ginger-headed!

1. When did you start sewing?
You know, I did some sewing in highschool. I made a little bunny rabbit with movable arms and legs for home ec, that got me started. I was kinda punk rock, so I would repurpose my old clothes and make handbags out of them. I remember I had a fuzzy leopard print skirt that got a massive orange juice stain, don't ask me how I remember that part, and I cut it up and made a cute little short strap purse. I carried it everywhere... I wish I still had it.

I would do a bit of sewing here and there after that, with my repurposed singer I got for my 18th birthday, but then it kind of teetered out and I stopped. I started again a year and a half ago. I was, for lack of better words, just plain bored. I saw that there was a cute shop near my work that had quilting classes. I took one, and then I was hooked! After that first crib blanket I jumped in head first and made a full sized bed quilt! Crazy.

2. Tell us a little bit about K<3? 
Well, it's my name really, Ashley Kayhart. For a long time I thought my last name was kind of odd, but then, I started to think about it, and I realized, heck, how many people can write their last name in symbols? Not many! So it's become my brand.

Kayhart, particularly as a blog, started as a simple quilting blog, for the love of color and the craft. I had always thought that quilting was something amish people did, or old ladies in Wisconsin, but I was finding so many cute patterns and colorful palettes that I realized, quilting is cool man, do it!

I think my quilts and pattern work are for those who are a little cute, a little rock n roll, and a lot of awesome! I've had a couple strange looks pass me when I am working on a new palette, but in the end I think they come out vibrant, born bright!

3. You recently started selling some of your quilt patterns. What's next for K<3?
Well I do have my etsy shop open, which for now is at I have three patterns for sale, a quilt, a table runner/quilt, and a super fun and easy baby bib pattern! I also have quilts for sale, a few in my first signature style, the robin, as well as baby bibs and washcloth sets for boys and girls!

I am so excited about the whole process. Every quilt I make has a style it's own, and I can't wait for a happy baby to have it, love it, and keep it!

4. Philly summers can be brutal! What is your favorite summer drink?
Oh, iced tea. Definitely. I grew up drinking it hot all winter, and cold all summer. There are usually two pitchers full in the fridge at all times!

Beach Day- Photo Update

After a REALLY awful week, we decided to head to the shore for the day yesterday to relax and have some fun. It was an absolutely PERFECT beach day... I wasn't too hot and there was an incredible breeze! I almost didn't want to leave to come back. I wish we were able to to take a vacation this summer but at least we're only a little over an hour away- perfect for a day trip.

ride home

Thursday, July 7, 2011

what in lamination?

First prototype for a cute little clothespin bag! I think it's a great way to use laminated fabric, don't you? I have a few custom orders I need to finish but I can't wait to make a bunch more. I think the next ones might even have a buttoned flap (to fold over a regular size hanger).. exciting! I can't wait to put a few up in my shop!
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