Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Eats & A Quilt

Bon Appetite:
I've been trying to stick to a more wholesome, healthy diet. I've been incorporating local, seasonal veggies and haven't had red meat in 3 months. Don't even go there about the wine- I'm going with the research that says it's beneficial.. :) I've also been eating smaller portions and I've lessened the amount of deserts I make. Although I did make some rockin' strawberry and goat cheese pastries the other night.. shhh. So between my diet and my morning run along the tow path, I'm hoping to be looking and feeling better soon! Maybe I won't be totally mortified to buy a bathing suit this year... and speaking of suits, I just adore this one.

Chicken in a wine and mushroom sauce, creamed cauliflower with garlic and parmesan, and roasted asparagus with pine nuts

Salmon in a cinnamon and tequila sauce, over wild rice and spinach with fresh avocado salsa

Banana nut pancakes with fresh pineapple

Disappearing 9 Patch: 
Inspired by the 9 patch that Laura and Olga made for Spool, (pictured here)- I just had to make one for myself! But since I should only be sewing for Art Star, I felt guilty for starting a project for myself. So of course, I managed to find a way to do it without the guilt! I usually take the train into work and I get to the shop about 40 mins early. The perfect amount of time to get a few blocks finished for the quilt.. haha.

I've been ogling our spectrum of Free Spirit solids since they arrived..

Of course I needed to add one of my all time favorite prints by Denise Schmidt!

I'm still playing around with the arrangement.. but I love how surprisingly simple it is!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Semi-Wordless Wednesday} Tattoo

I cannot wait to get my next tattoo! I have a consult on June 11th with Virginia Elwood at NY Adorned! I haven't been to NYC in months and I'm so excited to visit and see my friends. I've been thinking about this tattoo for almost two years. Orginally I was thinking about a tree, then about a year ago I saw this print from Anna Maria Horner and knew it'd be perfect. Then I had to find the right artist. My good friend and former roommate Caiti has worked at Adorned for 3 years and has had loads of work done so I knew she'd have some suggestions. She pointed me towards Virginia's blog and I was instantly excited!  Now, I just hope I don't chicken out.. I'm not so good with pain!

I just love Virginia's work but this is my absolute favorite! I can't wait to see her take on Anna Maria's print!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This was my first Easter away from family. It was weird but we had a nice, relaxing day. Lucky for us the Easter bunny sent us a little money and we decided to treat ourselves to brunch. We walked along the tow path to Main St. It was such a gorgeous day and everyone was out and about. We had a lovely time at Le Bus and we stopped at Doggie Style and got Gristle some fancy treats. It was a nice way to spend the early afternoon and I was in a perfect mood to get some sewing done! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

along the tow path

I really miss having a yard and being able to garden..

mmmm, eggs benedict

Easter cocktail

mosaic along the two path

Friday, April 22, 2011

{Feelgood Friday} Happy Earth Day!

What better way to celebrate our sweet mother earth than with a killer DIY project? I wanted to show a little love this Friday to the amazing bloggers who so have graciously shared a post this year. I'm trying to host one guest blogger a month this year and I know how hard it is to find the time to post on your own blog let alone to guest blog. So I REALLY appreciate all the guest bloggers- and I hope you do too. So check out their projects and leave them some love!!





Thursday, April 21, 2011

Give Up Your Cafe Mocha For A Good Cause


Mandey from Mama and the Dudes is hosting a giveaway to help the people from her hometown, Mapleton, Iowa who were just hit with a devestating torrnado. Please donate $5 towards her cause. In addtion to helping those in need, you'll also be entered for a chance to win some great stuff donated by fellow bloggers and Etsyians. 
Check out the details: Mama and the Dudes

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post: DIY Printing

Hi! Biscuit here from Velveteen! I am so stoked that I had something to offer for Heather's DIY guest posting series. When she first announced it I racked my brains trying to think of something to send, then I stumbled on an old project of mine that I thought would be perfect. Simple, cheap, natural, and very satisfying if you have some rage issues, 'cuz it involves hammers. Hi-YOOOOOO! I've known Heather for a long time, in THE REAL LIFE and stuff, so this is a special honor for me. Heather is actually one of the people who inspired me to start my own Etsy business and release my crazy on the world. She is an absolute ball of sunshine, and a constant source of inspiration. I recently acquired my own URL and refocused my site on the creative side of my life as opposed to the personal. I really want to dig in and push myself to find inspiration in daily life and use it in the pretty little things I create for my shop. Well, enough about me, let's get on with the project!

I have had these cheapy, plain curtains from IKEA since the dawn of time, which have been haphazardly pinned to several walls and window frames, never getting the love they deserve. I figured what better time to shower them with said love than now, and make them into something beautiful and functional. Sounds simple, right? Well, it would be were it not for the ridiculously expansive canvas I chose to start with. This is a project best done outside on the sidewalk (sorry neighbors below) on a sunny day when you can really beat the crap out of these leaves. Sitting on your apartment floor with a little ball-hammer, hunched over, and 6 months pregnant is not the time to "print" on over 4 yards of fabric. God help me, I will finish though. Alright, on to it.

Lay out your ridiculous canvas....I mean, lay out the napkin you would like to imprint. Seriously, start with napkins and tea towels, this is tedious if you want good results. Get a good idea of how many leaves it will take as you can only use each one once (if you beat them proper that is) and go collect. Keep in mind, the more supple the leaf, the more color. Crisp leaves break apart and generally don't give that much color. Go for different shapes, sizes, patterns, etc. Also, if you do go the ridiculous route, don't gather all your leaves at once as they will dry out and be of no use by the time you get around to using them.

If you want a more uniform look, setup a general layout like above. This will help you decide on your spacing, and how busy you want your print to be. Lay the leaves face up, you get more color this way although you think the opposite would be true. Just trust me on this one.

Now. You beat those leaves, you beat them good. NO MERCY! Actually, start off easy, see how the leaves handle the beating. They will start to look a little like mesh when you get the color out, this is a good thing, you're beating 'em proper now kid!

REJOICE! The first leaf is done! If you are able to do this outside and really go after it, this will probably not be as arduous a task as it was for me. I am looking forward to doing this project again in the fall and maybe getting some poinsettias or mums to beat in for a splash of color. Nature better run and hide, mama's got a hammer and a lot of free time.

**I originally wrote this post out when I was pregnant and trying to think of simple, clean decorating ideas for my future kid's room. Sidenote: they NEVER ended up in his room, but rather as a nice pantry cover/room divider curtain.**

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Bazaar..

Just for your information, I hated that song. My brother would tirelessly sing it over and over and over again. It was horrific.

Anyhoo, I've been especially slack this week with posting but I picked up some extra hours at Spool and I have been busy beyond belief. I managed to work in a few hours in the evenings- working on things for my booth at Art Star. I can't tell you how stressed I've been, worrying that I'll barely (heh heh)  have anything to sell. But all I can do is make what I can. So, I'm really excited to share some of what I've been doing!

When I went to the Crafty Bastards Craft Bazaar in D.C. a lot of vendors had freebie buttons.
I send a few designs to AnnieRexic on Etsy and she printed them for me. Check her shop out
she does a great job and they're fast and affordable!

I'm making a ton of zippered pouches!

Went crazy at Paper Source and found these sweet little kite stickers to add some flava to my signage.

In the spirit of wedding season- I've made a few dupioni bride and party clutches. So exciting to finally use some of the vintage brooches I've been hoarding.

I hope you guys can come check out the Art Star Craft Bazaar May 14-15. There are over 100 vendors, live music (over 12 bands- check out the line up) and lots of yummy local food.  I'm in booth #35- don't forget to stop by and say hello!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday} Mr. Bashful Face

I love our dog.
And yes, the bed is on the floor.. Dusty is building our bed (soon, hopefully).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cozy Noggin Winner!

Congrats to Zoe Hunter Lee of Project Zoe! Zoe will receive to sweet little knit birdies along with their felted nests. Zoe be sure to send me an email with your mailing address!

Friday, April 8, 2011

{Feelgood Friday} Park Love

One of my favorite things about living in the city are the parks.
I love the juxtaposition of the buildings and nature.
I also love when it's full of people enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

I walk through Rittenhouse on my way to work. 

On days when I take the train I have about an hour to kill so this is usually where I sit and read.

I love the old city architecture.

Tree blossoms might be my favorite thing in the entire world.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win our spring giveaway!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cozy Noggin Giveaway!

{Spring Songbird Hostess Gifts and Felted Nests}
part of the Cozy Thought gift collection.

How sweet are these lovely little birds in their tiny little nests?! I just adore the idea of having these as place settings at a dinner party or wedding, as pictured above. 
Cozy Thoughts make excellent gifts for expectant mommies, teachers, host/hostesses, and anyone who deserves a unique, warm & meaningful gift. They also make wonderful party & baby shower favors. Wouldn't they be so cute perched on a bookshelf??

Anne from Cozy Noggin has generously made two sweet little gifts so one Barely Measured reader can keep both or keep one and  gift the other!

6 Ways to Enter (leave separate comments for each):
1. Leave a comment about where/how you will use your birdies if you win.
2. Visit Cozy Noggin on Etsy and add it to your favorite shops or your circle.
3. Promote this giveaway via Facebook (leave link).
4. Promote this giveaway via Twitter (leave link).
5. Promote this giveaway via your blog (leave link).
6. Follow the Barely Measured blog.

The winner will be announced on Monday, April 11th!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday} I Took A Wee [S]tumble..

A photo by Aldo Cavini Benedetti modified by Redditor wormslayer to look like the iconic Pink Floyd album cover. (via stumbleupon):

The work of Connecticut-based artist Kevin Van Aelst (via stumbleupon):

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Accessories for Art Star!

I'm so excited to have some new accessories for the Art Star Craft Bazaar! Don't forget to mark your calendars, May 14th and 15th! It would be a great day trip with 12 bands over the two days, great food and over 100 vendors!

I just LOVE these prints by Anna Maria Horner and voile is the perfect weight for spring. Warmer weather does not mean you still can't rock a scarf!

I don't know why I look so angry and pained  in photos.. I think it's because I hate taking pics of myself.. I swear I actually like the scarves.. haha
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