Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Semi-Wordless Wednesday} Healthy Bites

Dusty and I have decided that we need to start eating healthy and living a more active lifestyle. We both have a little extra junk in the trunk that we wouldn't mind unloading... So that means no more chicken wings, and that take out pizza with extra breadsticks nonsense. I'm optimistic that we will stick to this for awhile, too.  To help us I'm going to be cooking a lot of seasonal veggies and using fresh herbs to zing up the flavor.
Located just 15 mins way... and it's right beside Trader Joes which is awesome.

I usually buy veggies, fresh herbs, meat and fish here

I'm cutting out red meat so it's mostly chicken and fish for me now.

The inspiration for my post's title.. I usually order from Healthy Bites when I'm working at Spool. Their tuna salad is chock-full of cranberries, the multi-grain bread is my go-to and the lavender soda is delicious!

Organic vanilla yogurt, sliced pear, granola with pecans and a dash of cinnamon!

I even splurged on flowers. Ranunculus and tulips are some of my favorites.

Our lovely little breakfast nook.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why hello Virginia Beach..

Here are some pictures from our weekend in Virginia Beach. Had a good time but wished we could've stayed longer....
It was absolutely freezing so we didn't hang out here very long.

I guess everyone was staying cozy inside.

{nursery projects}
Project #1: Make new cushion covers for the glider.. not so easy to do when you can't use the existing covers to make your pattern. 

Tessa picked out a gorgeous upholstery fabric. Was a little tricky to work with because it was reversible and therefore super thick!

Project number 2: Curtains. We made two sets- one in this preppy print and another set in extra fabric from the cushions. Tessa is pictured above as she trims the selvages. See more pics on her blog here.

After a long day of sewing we treated ourselves to Skinny Dip.. which turns out to not be so skinny after all...
Photo courtesy of Tessa from Our Beach Baby.

{bloggers only}
Photo courtesy of Jess from I Rock So What.
On our way out of town we met up with Jess from I Rock So What. Jess and I went to high school together and she's been super supportive of Barely Measured since the beginning! I stole this picture from her post of our afternoon rendezvous, here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Weekend at the Beach

Photo courtesy of Our Beach Baby.

Spending the weekend in Virginia Beach visiting our friends Tessa and Mike and helping get their nursery ready for their baby who is due in May! Of course, we brought rain and cold with us so it does not look like the photo above.. haha. Also hoping to catch up with Jess and meet her little man of I Rock So What.

custom order update
Just wanted to post a few pics of a recent custom order. I tried my hand at a camera strap "slip cover" for Chelsey over at the Paper Mama.

Gray fabric is 100% organic by Mod Green Pod.

Lightly padded around the center for your neck.

Lens cap pocket is super handy.

meet our april guest blogger:
So excited to have Whisker Biscuit as Barely Measured's April guest blogger!!! Check out her blog and catch a sneak peak here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fresh Picked Felt Veggies

One of my very dear friends is due in May. Her nursery theme is beach/garden. Well of course I offered my skills to help her set up the nursery and to get ready for the baby. One of the things she asked for was a vegetable mobile so today I made some felt veggies! I think they look super adorable and if I had more time {and money} I could go crazy making all different kinds of veggies.. haha. We're headed down there this weekend and I'm bringing my sewing machine. T has whipped up quite a to-do list for me including curtains and chair covers. Should be a nice crafty weekend since it will be too cold and rainy to relax on the beach :( Will be sure to post lots of pictures next week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Today I said goodbye to an old friend. Well, an old friend who was a grandfather figure for most of my life. Yesterday, at work I ran out for a bite to eat before my evening class. I checked my voicemail only to recieve the heartbreaking news that Jack Willey had passed away. I knew he had been sick but death always comes as a shock to me. I felt shaken but somehow managed to make it through the class. When I got home I called my Dad for the funeral details and started looking through old photos.

My grandmother and Jack began dating in 1982, two years before I was born- so as early as I can remember there was Grandma and Jack. Those of you who know me know that I don't have a big family, so those that are sucked in become a big part of our lives. I don't have a single childhood memory without Jack. As a teenager I even lived with Grandma and Jack in Cambridge, MD for a brief period of time.  When I was 16, my grandmother decided to move out of Jack's place and built herself a small little house in the country. I'm not sure exactly what transpired between the two of them but I kept in touch with Jack. He even helped me buy my first car and went with me to test drive it.  Jack was great with cars, rebuilding classic mustangs on the weekends. Everyone in my family consulted with Jack before buying any used car.

I also remember calling him up on one trip home asking if I could stop over and get his approval on this guy I was seeing. He laughed and told me to bring him by. I'm glad Dusty was able to meet him. We spent the afternoon on the porch, talking and watching cars drive by. Something Jack did often in the spring and summer months.

Today was difficult. I've been thinking about Jack a lot recently and have wanted to send him a few of these pictures... I just never got around to it. Regret is a bad feeling to have once you lose someone. I wish I kept in better touch with him and visited with him more. I was able to spend some time with him a couple of months ago when I was home visiting. But he had just had a series of strokes so the visit was kind of sad. He smiled a lot though.  Jack was a very sweet man and he was wonderful to me and my family. I feel fortunate to have had him in my life. I will miss Jack a lot.

Rest in peace Jack. I hope you and Grandma are sharing a beer up there.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Fresh New Look

Things are a changing over here at Barely Measured. New hand stamped packaging, bright tissue paper and clever wrappings will leave you feeling like you just received a very special gift, well- a gift you paid for anyhow... I've been brimming with ideas on how to decorate my 10x10 booth at Art Star and ventured into Paper Source on Friday to get some inspiration for signage. I was definitely inspired, so inspired in fact,  I decided my packaging and tags needed an overhaul. I'm really pleased with how everything turned out even though I think I got ink everywhere!

thank yous:

care cards:
I used to sew little "envelopes" for each set of care cards. Was really cute but took a LOT of time!
I also made cute accordion -style care cards and would sometimes stitch paper or cloth to the ends..yeah.
My new envelopes are made from recycled paper and are hand stamped. The care cards are double printed on colorful card stock. Care instructions on one side and my pinky swear on the other :)

fyi- it takes about 3 hours to hand stamp a bird and "care" "cards" on  200 envelopes

pretty turquoise tissue paper and new labels- thank you ULINE! 
Also, got some boxes that better fit my bigger bags- new shipping (cheaper) rates might apply- more on that later!

custom order sneak peek:

Ooo la la how I LOVE Anna Maria Horner prints! 
A custom bag I recently made for Mandey of Mama and the Dudes!

don't forget to mark your calendars!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great News!

It's funny how a little bit of good news can change your entire outlook on life, isn't it? I've been pretty blue lately and I've chalked it up to the cold, gloomy winter months. I've also been working part time at Spool, getting settled into our new home, looking and interviewing for full time positions, and freelancing- all the while trying to make time for sewing custom orders and new spring bags.. crazy right? Well today I got a nice little tidbit- Barely Measured will have a table at the Art Star Craft Bazaar in May! I applied but pretty much resigned myself to not getting in... SOOOO excited to be a part of the festivities! Dusty even suggested I stop looking for full time work for the time being and put all of my efforts into this show and I think I'm going to take him up on it! More details to come!

I've decided to start carrying a few Juliette's in my etsy shop. There will still be a listing for a custom bag but now there will be a few already made as well! Here is a peek at a bag I recently finished for Ashley of Ashley... Plus Three:

This bag features a zippered interior pocket, pleated exterior pocket with handmade piping to match lining, heavy duty zipper closure, padded sleeves (great for lenses) and a removable padded bottom.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before and After: DIY Shower Curtain

DIY Shower Curtain

It's been awhile since I've posted a DIY project or before and afters and I think this is just the project to share. In our new place, the shower has an L shaped shower rod and let me tell you, it's NOT easy to find a shower curtain to fit this. I went around to half a dozen stores and decided I'd have to try online. I found a few- some were hideous, others were super expensive- and there's no way I'm spending over $100 for a shower curtain. So, I decided to make one myself! This is a easy project and would be great for a beginner. As long as you can sew semi-straight lines and do basic math you're good to go :)

DIY Shower Curtain
DIY Shower Curtain
While I love my Dwell shower curtain from Target.. I didn't like how it only partially covered the shower.. the standard size for a shower curtain is 72" x72"- I wanted one that was longer and wider so I went with 86" x 80".

Picking your fabric:
I used a light, quilt weight cotton fabric that measures 44" off the bolt. Most fabrics come in this width, unless you are using an upholstery fabric or other, fancier fabric which come in all different widths, starting at 55" and up. Either way, you are most likely going to have a seam down the front of your curtain. 
I simply adore the main print from Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection. I love the colors and it's vintage feel. I had a blast finding the perfect coordinating prints :)

You'll Need:
1/4 yard for top strips
4 yards for middle strips
1/2 yard for bottom strips
1 pack of grommets plus grommet pliers or old school setting tools

DIY Shower Curtain

Here is what I did for mine. After I pieced everything together I finished all the edges by folding the raw edge over 1/4" over and pressing, folding that edge over 1/4" again, pressing and top stitching along all edges. Remember to press all seams open to give a nice, professional look.
NOTE: Along the top edge (where the grommets go) I folded the raw edge over 1.5" to make it twice as thick- giving a little more substance for the grommets to go through!

DIY Shower Curtain

The most important thing is to place the grommets exactly so they match up with the lining- this spacing is standard for all shower curtains and linings. 

Remember you can alter this pattern easily for a standard 72" x72" shower curtain. You can even do vertical stripes, which would mask the vertical seam! 

I hope you enjoy this- happy sewing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clutches for Spring

New little lovelies are up! The Verona is my unofficial "it" clutch for spring.. I just can't seem to stop making them! I've also been whipping up little zipper goodie bags, they're just so damn useful and adorable. More sewing today.. I'm even making a few Juliette's to put up in the store but will still offer it as a custom bag too. Stay tuned, will be adding new bags weekly throughout March!

basket o' goodies

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching Some Rays

Went for a little hike in search of some vitamin d yesterday. Luckily we live super close to Fairmount Park- over 4,100 acres of trails, woods, water and public art. It was almost 70 degrees and sunny- absolute perfection :) I decided earlier this year that I loathe the cold months of winter and after months of being couped up- void of sunshine and proper physical activity it was SOOO nice to be outside. Especially since I spent the rest of the weekend organizing my workspace and sewing like mad! Here are some pics from the weekend:

gristle was pumped for our adventure!

vt isn't the only state with covered bridges..

lovely moss

teensy pine cone 

my new workspace in Philly!

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