Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August | DIY Terrariums!

What you'll need:
glass container
river rocks
plants/living moss
water bottle or mister

1. Add a good layer of rocks so that your plants can drain

2. Add some soil 
(the amount will depend on the size of the container and your plants- I put about 2 inches in)

3. Play with different arrangements of the plants and moss until you are satisfied, then plant them in the soil. You may need to add additional soil to make sure their roots are covered. I added moss around the plants. Feel free to sprinkle a few rocks on top for effect.. and maybe a cute silver bird too?

I have enough to make three terrariums!

I used the leftover moss to fill in around my other houseplants which will help keep the soil moist.. and it looks pretty too!

ta daa!

Notice this cute little bromeliad that my friend Caiti gave me for my birthday.. eeek! :)


  1. those would make cute centerpieces!



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