Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspiration Challenge

From the minute I laid my eyes on Spool's latest shipment of shot cottons, I thought of at least a dozen projects I wanted to use it for- a shot cotton quilt top, a shirt, a dress... A few days after the shipment came in I received a package in the mail, the necklace I ordered from Mama Mandolin's shop. I literally squealed in the street! I absolutely ADORE this necklace- espcially the fabric and "bow tie" element... a lovely, modern touch to those classic necklaces we used to make in girl scouts. And then I had a thought-- what if my next sewing project was based around this necklace? What if I found a shot cotton that went well with it?!!!!! It was like, two worlds colliding... The very next day I purchased a yard and a half of one of my favorite shot cottons and made the Anna Tunic Cami.. I simply love the little green buttons and it goes perfectly with my new necklace!! Maybe you'll be inspired to do a similar project? Believe me it's super fun, especially if you in a little creative rut.. it really gets those wheels a turnin'

Don't forget to check out Mandey's Etsy shop:

oh and here's a blurry, yet adorable photo of my guys

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