Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

This weekend I celebrated my birthday by treating myself to a snazzy new tattoo at NY Adorned. The lovely and very talented Virginia Elwood sketched up a beautiful design inspired by a fabric from one of my favorite designers. I have to say it hurt like a m$%&*Kf@##r but it was worth it, I love it! I've been waiting for months and was really excited when her next appointment just happened to be this weekend. Dusty and I boarded Gristle for the weekend and had a wonderful time in NYC visiting our good friend Cats. We ate and drank too much and the weekend was topped off by a nice relaxing Sunday in Philly. We picked Gris up from the kennel and shopped and lunched at Terrain (my new, most favorite place on Earth.. no really- I want to live there). They are owned by URBN and is a nursery, home dec/garden store and cafe that serves DELICIOUS locally grown food. We can't wait to go back one night for dinner!

photo dump:

bloodies at brunch

Dusty's breakfast

mmm, my breakfast

Caiti likes ketchup! 

I was a like, ermm under the weather..

cool store in Brooklyn where we wanted to buy everything

awesome print that was not for sale :(

it took a million hours to cross the Williamsburg Bridge

ahhhhh, Central Park <3

new tattoo!!!

I look like a haggard cat lady..

Gristle was tuckered out from his stay at Wagsworth Manor new favorite place

mmm.. mint iced tea and elderberry spritzer!

fresh bread right out of the oven, it was baked in a little flower pot!

bbq chicken sliders with coleslaw and fingerling potatoes

mushroom and goat cheese tart with mache greens

more spritzer!

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  1. Drooling over the food! Dying for at least one of those delicious looking drinks! I bet Gris missed you guys, looks like you had a simply WONDERFUL birthday weekend :) !!! xo


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