Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home Sewn

I've been really inspired lately by all the gorgeous fabrics and patterns we've been getting in the shop recently. Of course I want to make one of everything! I often find though that when I makes clothes they always have that, home sewn look and I don't actually end up wearing them. I did actually wear my latest two pieces though- of course I didn't take photos or anything.. They're pretty simple pieces- perhaps that's the key to either avoiding or embracing that home sewn look? I actually made these awhile ago but haven't gotten around to photographing them, mainly because I haven't had anyone to take the pictures- but then this morning I was like, WHY DON'T I PUT THEM ON MY MINI DRESS FORM? Brilliant! Why haven't I thought of that before? Of course it's not even remotely the size or shape of a real human but it does the trick! What do you think? Pretty cute, right?

I used Pat Bravo's Boho Dress pattern- but because the instructions are part of a DVD that I didn't have- I kinda made up how it was sewn together... haha. Guess it helps that I made a sample for Spool a few months ago.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE shot cotton (the type of fabric I used)- it's super soft and subtly changes color depending on the light and angle. I also love the cotton embellishment I added around the neckline!

Flattering above-the-bust seam and pleat adds a little definition to this loose-fitting dress. I also love this dress paired with a thick woven belt and cute summer wedges.

Amy Butler's Barcelona A-line Skirt pattern. Definitely does not fit my dress form.. haha! I've been eyeing up this fabric for months!

Sweet little zipper was easy as pie, thanks to the hidden zipper trick I learned from my girls, Laura and Olga :)

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  1. love the pic on fb! perhaps barely's future?! :)


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