Monday, June 27, 2011

A Dress for Lucy

As you know, I've already declared this the year of the baby. Practically all of our friends have had babies this year. Lucy is the daughter of one of Dusty's best childhood friends. In fact, they still talk on the phone once a week. Anyhoo, Lucy is just one of the babies on my "Need to Sew a Cute Summer Dress For" list.  I've made a bunch of Oliver and S baby dresses for samples in the shop so I used the Oliver and S Swingset Pattern-- although I lengthen the tunic to make a dress. 

I was SO excited to use some of the new Erin McMorris fabric we got in the shop from her Summersault collection!

Back view- how cute are those buttons?!! Ahhhh!

Lucy trying her dress on at breakfast. Her mama promised to send me a picture of her wearing it- when it's not thrown over her pj's!


  1. love this and the fabric collection! are the oliver & s patterns hard? there are a few i want to try for my babies :) well, toddlers...

  2. i want a cute little dress too! make me one!!!

  3. oh ashley ,of course i'll make one for you! :D


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