Monday, May 16, 2011

8th Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar

Well I survived my first craft show! Even though the weather almost gave me a stroke on Saturday, (our leaky tent didn't help the matter) I had a blast. There were some kick ass vendors there and it took major restraint not to go crazy and buy a ton of stuff. I was also really surprised at how many of my friends and family came out to show some support, especially everyone who drove up from MD! It really felt good to know I have so many people believing in me. Who knows, maybe I'll try this again sometime...

A few of my MD friends who stopped by on Saturday- notice most of the stuff is put away on the tables to avoid the leaks? lol

I have a whole new respect for people who do this full time- setting up a booth is no joke!

Dusty manning the booth- he was quite the salesman :)

Although I was happy I ended up selling this bag- I wouldn't have minded keeping it for myself, haha

12 bands performed throughout the weekend

Sunday surprised us with a gorgeous sunny afternoon


  1. i love good old dusty holding down the fort!

  2. fabulous booth! sign up for next year yet? :)

  3. Great job Heather! The booth looks fantastic - I wish I could have come up for a visit! Maybe at your next one ; )


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