Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cozy Noggin Giveaway!

{Spring Songbird Hostess Gifts and Felted Nests}
part of the Cozy Thought gift collection.

How sweet are these lovely little birds in their tiny little nests?! I just adore the idea of having these as place settings at a dinner party or wedding, as pictured above. 
Cozy Thoughts make excellent gifts for expectant mommies, teachers, host/hostesses, and anyone who deserves a unique, warm & meaningful gift. They also make wonderful party & baby shower favors. Wouldn't they be so cute perched on a bookshelf??

Anne from Cozy Noggin has generously made two sweet little gifts so one Barely Measured reader can keep both or keep one and  gift the other!

6 Ways to Enter (leave separate comments for each):
1. Leave a comment about where/how you will use your birdies if you win.
2. Visit Cozy Noggin on Etsy and add it to your favorite shops or your circle.
3. Promote this giveaway via Facebook (leave link).
4. Promote this giveaway via Twitter (leave link).
5. Promote this giveaway via your blog (leave link).
6. Follow the Barely Measured blog.

The winner will be announced on Monday, April 11th!


  1. i think i'd put one bird in each of the kids' bedrooms (but first in their easter baskets!). they are adorable :)

  2. I will use these in the playroom, our theme is the forest and we have animals all over..I will hang them in the tree or make them into some kind of animal cute, thanks

    madforfashion at

  3. I put cozy noggin in my circle and favorited :)



  5. follow your blog

    madforfashion at


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