Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Post: Magnetic Paper Dolls

Hello, Barely Measured readers!  This is Alli from One Pearl Button.  Heather sweetly asked me to guest blog for her today - she thought you all would love this quick and fun tutorial for making magnetic paper dolls.  I originally published it last winter, when I made these for my nieces.  They still love the dolls and play with them all the time - definitely a success!  I hope you enjoy the tutorial; be sure to stop by One Pearl Button sometime and say 'hello!'

What you’ll need: Pages of Betsey McCall paper dolls printed from here (I used a cotton paper that is slightly heavier than normal printer paper, but anything will do); adhesive magnet sheet(s) (I used one 1’x2’ sheet (purchased at Michael's), and was able to make over 50 pieces for my set); a small pair of crafting scissors; a small metal box (these dolls fit perfectly inside the boxes sold at Michael's that are intended to hold gift cards).

Step 1: Cut a rectangle around your doll (or outfit, or accessory, or whatever), cutting as close to the edge of the doll as possible without cutting into it (remember that you don’t need the tabs, so feel free to cut those off).

Step 2: Cut a rectangle of magnet the same size as the rectangle you’ve just cut around your doll (a simple way to measure – hold your doll rectangle up against the magnet sheet and cut around it).

Step 3: Peel the backing off of the adhesive magnet sheet and carefully press the doll onto the magnet. Work from one edge to avoid wrinkles.

Step 4: Cutting both the magnet and the paper together, trim the excess from around your doll. I found that these look best if you leave a small cushion of white around each piece (don’t worry about the lines from the tabs showing, they really aren’t noticeable).

Step 5: Repeat! Follow these four steps for all of the pieces you’d like to include in your dress-up doll set.

Step 6: Place your dolls and their possessions into a metal tin. For extra cuteness points, make a sweet label for the front:

If you like my label, you can find it here! Download the file at full size through the “All Sizes” tab. To fit the tins sold at Michaels, print the label at 2.75 x 4.25” onto adhesive-backed paper. Cut out and stick the label to the front of the tin. Adorable!

Enjoy your dolls!

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