Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fresh Picked Felt Veggies

One of my very dear friends is due in May. Her nursery theme is beach/garden. Well of course I offered my skills to help her set up the nursery and to get ready for the baby. One of the things she asked for was a vegetable mobile so today I made some felt veggies! I think they look super adorable and if I had more time {and money} I could go crazy making all different kinds of veggies.. haha. We're headed down there this weekend and I'm bringing my sewing machine. T has whipped up quite a to-do list for me including curtains and chair covers. Should be a nice crafty weekend since it will be too cold and rainy to relax on the beach :( Will be sure to post lots of pictures next week!


  1. AH! It's like the Under the Nile veggie basket play toys for kids, only with out faces. I would so buy these for Cayden if you sold them in your shop! Of course he would actually try to eat them....

  2. i love making these with my mom. rory has quite the collection of felt toys! do you hand stitch or machine stitch?

  3. @Sarah-Thanks! I think I might start selling a pattern for these.. we'll see.

    @Melissa- I did both!

  4. Forget children, I want some of those!


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