Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY Wine Cork Memo Board

Hi all! I’m Laura from Radiator Tunes and I am so excited to share this great project with you today! I’m a born and bred Baltimore girl with interests ranging far and wide. I tend to blog about a little bit of everything - book reviews, recipes, movie critiques, craft tutorials, art and photography, and tidbits from my own life. Please stop by to poke around if any or all of these things are of interest to you! It’s always a great delight for me to meet talented bloggers and discover lovely blogs!

So what is this wonderful tutorial I'm here to share? A Wine Cork Memo Board! Affordable, stylish, and simple, this project uses all recycled materials which is a big plus in my book. And it’s a great gift for the wino or foodie in your life!

  • Recycled wine corks. I used about 100 on a 14” by 10” backing (my family loves their wine so I just had them save up for a few weeks). I recommend asking friends to save their corks but you can also find them in craft stores.
  • Backing. I used an old wooden cutting board but nearly anything sturdy would work - a small piece of plywood, an old chalkboard, even the back cover of a hardback book. Be creative and see what you’ve got lying around that is no longer being used.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks. I went through about 5 glue sticks in the process of making this memo board and you’ll definitely want to be generous with this stuff.
  • Cordless drill (optional). If you want to hang the memo board and your backing doesn’t  already have a hole, I’d recommend drilling a small one about an inch from the top.
  • Twine (optional). If you opt to drill a hole, you may also opt to string some twine through for easier hanging. 


First get your backing ready. Clean off any dust or dirt so the glue will stick. If you need to drill a hole for hanging, do so before applying any corks. I recommend drilling a hole about 1 inch from the top edge. If you want to string some twine through for easier hanging, now is also the time to do that so you won't have to worry if the corks cover your hole later. 

Next you need to figure out how you’d like to arrange the corks. I used a two by two zig-zag pattern where each set of two corks is oriented at a 90 degree angle from its neighbor set. Straight rows, concentric squares, a one by one zig-zag pattern - there are plenty of options so test a few of them out before you put glue gun to cork. 

Then it’s time to warm up the glue. I recommend starting in the middle to ensure that your corks will be symmetrical when you make it to the edges. To find the center, simply lay a ruler from corner to opposite corner. Draw a small line close to the center, then repeat this process for the opposing set of corners. Your lines will intersect at the exact center.
Now you are ready to glue away! I found it best to apply glue to the bottom of the wine corks as well as the sides so they were secured to the backing and to their neighbors. 

Once all your corks are down, let the glue dry a good 30 minutes before using your new memo board. Use thumbtacks to secure your note and photos to the board and display wherever you please!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and inspiring! Thanks for reading and stay posted for future guest posts!

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  1. Awesome tutorial- I am saving my corks! Thanks Laura!


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