Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sundress, A Sandwich, and A Guest Blogger!

Okay, so maybe I'm getting a little carried away with making baby dresses.. but they're SO cute! Here is one I made after work on Friday for Ella, my friend Jacqui's little girl. Of course you don't have to do too much when you start with gorgeous fabric! I got this apple print from Spool.

oh and this? why it's the most fabulous sandwich I've ever made!
I call it The Reckless...
delicious bread from Against The Grain in Chestertown, MD
pork loin grilled in cider and a touch of maple syrup
spinach and thinly sliced granny smith apples
goat cheese and dried cranberries
topped off with a touch of Annie's balsamic dressing

Don't forget! I'm still looking for guest bloggers! If you have an interesting project, recipe, or story to share email me. There are six spots left! Michele from Stories at my Fingertips got us off to a great start with her fabulous tutorial on diy wall art... be sure to check it out! What's in it for you? A lovely little Barely Measured goodie bag :)

Need more incentive? 
You'll also get to show off with this nifty badge! 

I know, I know, I spoil you...


  1. wow, that dress is so stinkin' cute. what's up with all these awesome girl's clothes in the world?! and that sandwich, pretty much out of control.

  2. Gorgeous baby girl dress. The fabric....LOVE! That sandwich looks delicious! I might try it once I start eating bread again. Oh and.....I'm totally taking that badge and linking back to your blog. Thanks for the shout out. Yes, you do spoil us! ;)

  3. Can I borrow your invisible baby? :o) Seriously, the dress is darling.

    I was thinking about sharing my original pattern for the owls I make... do you think that would be a good guest blogger piece? I could draw and pdf the pattern and do a picture tutorial. What do you think?

  4. @ Michele- make sure you link it to your post!

    @Kelly- That sounds amazing! Also, if you're interested in selling your patterns I could talk to two shop owners I know.... :)

  5. What a cute little dress! And that sandwich sounds amazing - and I don't even like Maple syrup... it's just loaded with so much other goodness that I don't even care!


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