Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Lump or Two?

This year I was delighted to be included in a holiday Lady Bloggers Gift Swap hosted by Chelsey over at The Paper Mama! I really enjoy the aspect of blogging where you get to know other women all over the country, heck, all over the world. You follow their blogs and over time you get to know them, just as you would a friend you met in person. It's quite nice :) My swap buddy was Jhen from From Here to Eternity. Because of our moving only two weeks before Christmas I had to wait for my gift to be forwarded from our address in VT to Philly. I got it last week after one of those days, when finding a package at your doorstep is like Christmas morning. I ran all the way to our apartment and raced to find a pair of scissors to open it. Inside was a lovely, chic little teapot and a wonderful framed card reading "Think, Create, Enjoy!" I absolutely adore the tea pot and the framed inspiration is definitely going in my sewing room once I finish unpacking it!

Thank you Jhen! And thank you Chelsey for including me!

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  1. OH so cute! I am so glad you got it! Now I must get a post going for your beautiful gifts!

  2. even cuter than you described! love that tea pot and the framed inspirational words will look perfect in your sewing room i bet! also? FREAKING CUTE new layout yo!

  3. thanks Jill! I was tired of the old look and was ready for something different!


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