Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric, Patterns and a Party, Oh My!

I'm absolutely LOVING my job at Spool. Fabric, crafty folk and sewing all day- what more could a gal ask for? Not to mention that Jay McCarroll, (first season Project Runway winner) lives just around the corner and teaches classes as well. Pretty cool, right? Well, we just so happen to be throwing a party celebrating his new fabric line Feb. 12th. If you're in the area you should definitely drop by. I'm gearing up by making a dress to wear for the party. Dusty wants a bow tie, we'll see...

fabric from Jay's new line, Habitat- Amy Butler pattern 
{both available at Spool}

Guest Blogger Update {February}
I'm so excited to welcome, Laura from Radiator Tunes. She has a fantastic DIY project to share- and a tutorial! So stay tuned! If you're interested in sharing a cool project, recipe or tutorial EMAIL me! Barely prizes for all!


  1. Oooohhhh you should definitely get into making bow ties :) Especially baby bow ties! Watch out Heather... my list is getting longer..... ;)

  2. I have some of Jay's fabric collection from last year. Love his stuff!

  3. Ha! I just started on a Velveteen bowtie line! I got a hold of some kick ass fabric and I couldn't resist making some for Big Dubs. Love the new look by the way, and you still need to email me your new address!

  4. @ T- you just keep those projects coming my friend :)
    @Biscuit- I can't wait til you list them!

  5. Oooo, I was just thinking the other day about the awesome scarf Jay had someone knit for his winning collection. I'm pretty sure his collection is the only one I actually remember from any of the seasons I watched. I'll definitely have to check out his fabric.


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