Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Calling All Crafty Bloggers!

I'm bursting with ideas for 2011! I'm actually working on a business plan for Barely Measured which is really exciting! I'd also like to revamp the blog and invite some creative, crafty bloggers to guest blog. Do you have a cool DIY project, secret remedy, crafty tutorial, or funny/inspiring story to share? Then by all means, shoot me an email with your idea and a link to your blog :)

If I host one guest blogger per month that would be ideal. And what's in it for you? Well, in addition to the sheer thrill of sharing your project/story- you'll get a Barely Measured goodie bag that won't disappoint! Please don't be shy- and if you need a little inspiration take some from my all time favorite lady:



  1. Count me in. Email coming your way. Your banner is super awesome by the way. I really love the grass/scissors...scribble to your name.

    PS. In case you're wanting some free $$$. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for $25 to Urban Outfitters! Interested? You know where I'm at. :)

  2. Sweeeet!! Thank you! I'm definitely entering the contest too!

  3. If I get myself in gear and start blogging regularly on my own site (which I'm going to try very hard to do), I'd love to contribute to yours! So, you know, maybe towards the middle of the year rather than at the start?

  4. Of course Kate!! I'd LOVE to have you!

  5. count me in! :) i've really fallen behind in my blogging, but once Grease is over in March, i'm all yours! (if you'll have me...)

  6. Yes!!! Just send me an email! Got your card in the mail today, thank you :)

  7. HI Laura, thanks for visiting my blog, I may have a craft tutorial to share in your blog, haven't put it together yet, let me know if you are interested on it.
    Regards from freezing London


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