Monday, December 20, 2010

Maid Service Please

Um, yes- a little help with the unpacking?? 
Oh why, there's my camera cord! Thank you.

If only that were true... I still can't find my camera cord and I refuse to purchase another because i know it's around here... somewhere. So, my post today is re-posted pics from my bf's Facebook. That counts right...? haha. I'm so excited to share our new Philadelphia adventure: new neighborhoods, the nest, weekend exploations... as soon as I find my damn camera cord, I promise!

One bonus to our move- I'm so much closer to my bf Ashley and her little one! Here are a few pics of her bday dinner. Dusty and I headed south a day early to surprise her :)
yes, I'm aware that something needs to happen to my hair..

oh look, we have a baby! just kidding.. we borrowed this baby from the table next to us..

okay okay... this is Leighton my goddaughter/niece! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forgive Me, We're Moving

Today is moving day! 
We're officially setting up shop in Philadelphia today! Photo update to come :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Year of the Baby

A couple of years ago it was the year of weddings... I am officially declaring this year as the Year of the Baby. Most of my friends either have babies, are pregnant or are trying. So, needless to say I've made one or two things for babies this year. In addition to my Camera/Diaper/All in One Barely bag, I've also gifted quilts, bumpers and.. drum roll please- a christening gown. My best friend's little girl will be christened the day after Christmas. The gown is still in progress but I did make a sample, (I thought that'd be best before I started hacking away at Ashley's beaded wedding shrug) and it didn't look horrible- pics to come! Sometimes I say yes to things and afterward I'm like, oh shit! Can I really do that?? I also want to note that real quilters probably would not count my little blankets as quilts, but I'm okay with that. Also, I kinda feel bad for those who got my first couple quilts.. they have definitely come a long way since then. 

A ruffled quilt for Miss Leighton Annabelle. Photo courtesy of Blue Bug Photography.

A flannel bumper for Mr. Eli Watson

In use!

A little quilt for Miss Lucy Theresa

PS. Speaking of baby/child things- doesn't this Etsy store have the most beautiful, creative decals?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Custom Orders Wrap Up for 2010!

So I finished up my custom orders today for 2010- well all but one, and I'm waiting on the fabric! It feels great to have them finished so I can concentrate on making gifts now... haha.

Custom camera bag for Kristy over at The Boy Named After A Car
(My third international order, wooo!)

Padded corduroy sleeves are perfect for lenses

Removable 2" corduroy covered foam bottom- for extra protection!

Custom holiday clutch- I think I need one of these myself!

{Holiday Shoppers}
Just because I won't be accepting anymore custom requests until after the new year- you can always purchase a barely gift card to go towards your special 2011 bag!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Woodworking is HAWT!

So, after I received a comment asking to see some of Dusty's work, I realized I've never shared any of it! Very lame of me. Here are a few pics of some of my favorite stuff. I'm also putting together a website for him and will share when it's finished! Dusty is currently working with a bar owner in VT, designing a natural edge drink rail and custom booth. I think he's pretty great.

In his shop in MD- one of my favorite pictures ever

A cherry arbor he made for Tessa and Mike for their wedding

Exhibit in collaboration with Alex Castro, 2010.

Dusty worked with Alex to execute Alex's vision

Turned bowl, 2009

Box with sliding lid, 2009

A jewelry box for me :)

Recent work, completed up here in VT

Stackable trays jewelry box (I just love walnut!)

Still in progress

Friday, December 3, 2010

Paper Mama Holiday Card Challenge

 I hate to ruin it before it hits your mailboxes but here is our 2010 Christmas card- I'm entering it in The Paper Mama's Holiday Card Challenge. Please note that this is the first family Christmas card I have ever sent, in fact, I'm usually terrible at getting them out. I think I've successfully sent a Christmas card out one year... Anyhoo, I think it's hysterical.

Moving two weeks before Christmas sounds crazy right??! Well, I guess we like to live on the edge, the edge of Crazytown, that is! 

The Paper Mama

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Fabulous Custom Christmas

The countdown has begun! Fourteen days until we head south to Philadelphia! This past weekend we drove just over 2,000 miles- home to Maryland, several trips back and forth to PA, a trip to Baltimore to welcome our friends, Jacob and Pam's new baby Lucy, and back to VT. It was exhausting but successful. We have a great apartment in Manayunk, just a short train ride from Center City. The building used to be an old candy store which is kinda neat. We are on the top floor and the view is spectacular, plus the bedrooms are HUGE!! I already have a zillion ideas on how I'm going to decorate.. of course. :)

Anyhoo- I'm trying to get all my custom barely orders finished and mailed out by Saturday so I have some time to finish packing. Here is a custom order I finished last night featuring the new home dec collection by Anna Maria Horner:

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