Thursday, July 29, 2010

vermont adventure photo update

my first vt visitor! (we're enjoying poutine, a favorite Quebecois dish) 

welcome to stowe

route 108 through smugglers notch- closed in the winter months

welcome to jeff's falls

climbing up to the gorge

sunset drive in search of creamies aka. maple soft serve

view from front yard

our evening roll in the yard with gristle

such a wise dog...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

before and after junkie

have i mentioned that i love before and after pics??? two days after we moved to vt i gave an old dresser dusty bought me at an auction for $5- a makeover. i think it turned out pretty nicely :)
ratty old dresser: $5
quart of gloss in La Fonda Turquoise: $12
painted ceramic knobs from anthropologie: $60
the satisfaction of turning a piece of junk into a kick ass dresser: priceless

coolest gift ever

so when i left, my washington college family gave dusty and i a pretty fantastic gift- a membership to a CSA (community sustained agriculture) program up here. so for the next 16 weeks we will get fresh local veggies, fresh homemade bread and eggs!!! we picked up our first week's worth on thursday. they didn't have bread this week so we got some blueberries instead.
ps. the stringy green things in the upper right corner are garlic scapes- the tops of the garlic plant. they are considered to be a delicacy- we chopped them up and served them over our omelets and they were awesome! 

vermont adventure part two

so after a twelve hour drive (the uhaul did not like any inclines whatsoever)- we arrived at our new home which is located on the same property as the vermont woodworking school. when the school bought the property it included the barn- which has been completely rehabbed into the school, complete with silo living quarters, and a farmhouse broken down into a few apartments- which is where we live. finally, five days after the move we are finally settled in.

our front entrance
our side entrance
the garden

dining and office area

two sinks may not seem like a big deal but i have never had this- it's so cool to have my own sink sans beard trimmings and dried toothpaste globs and an entire medicine cabinet for myself!!!
obviously the guest room/sewing room needs some attention... but the built in shelves are pretty rad!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Vermont Adventure Part one

The days leading up to the move were insanely busy. We were packing our belongings, trying to see as many friends and family as possible and I was working up until the day we left. Luckily, people came out of the woodwork to help us; loading the uhaul, bringing us food... and beer :) 
our make shift couch after I sold our real couch..

me trying to sew ashley's baby quilt for her shower

we hit the road bright and early Monday morning...

gristle had his own seat

but he slept on me most of the way- he loves his pillow aunt ash gave him

vermont is breathtaking- my pictures don't do it justice.

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