Thursday, May 20, 2010

a lesson in production

so you know that barelymeasured is named for the fact that I rarely, if at all- measure. which is kinda great because each bag truly is one-of-a-kind and i never promise to replicate anything i've made. sooooo, the fact that I just completed a custom order for five bridesmaid clutches is a little mind boggling. it was definitely a lesson in learning the most efficient way to complete the bags AND have them match (size, shape, etc). i procrastinated for months- filled with dread at the prospect of cutting the beautiful designer fabric... but- i finally took the plunge this week and i have to say they might be the best thing i've made thus far. lucky for me the bride was super easygoing and she allowed me to add a little "personality" to each bag- i definitely had fun with it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

blissed out in my #4 favorite place on earth

this past Friday my husband and I spent the entire day in central park. of all the things i miss about ny- central park is in the top 3. the weather was perfect and we had no where to be- pure bliss.

Antique Store Splurge

My husband and I spent this past weekend in NYC. It was the opening of my would-be m.f.a. thesis show (had I not dropped out). I had been looking forward to this weekend and dreading it for weeks but as it turned out it was a fabulous weekend and all my nervousness had been for naught. To make things even more weird we stayed in my old apartment in Williamsburg. It felt great to be on familiar turf but a little sad at the same time.

The morning after the show we decided to wander around wburg and we stopped in at a little antique shop. As I l tried to make out the treasures through the thick layer of dust I happened on a funny little box. The box held dozens of old photographs- and they were FOR SALE!!! How odd! $2 for an old yellowed picture of a stranger.... Anne Taintor merchandise came to mind. I couldn't resist- I picked three photos out and the shop owner knocked a dollar off. Five bucks for some snapshots of a trip to bermuda in 1966. The old handwriting on the back of the photos reminds me of my grandmother.

I'm not exactly sure what I will do with these photos and I can't deny that I feel a little- wrong- for buying them.

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