Monday, December 6, 2010

The Year of the Baby

A couple of years ago it was the year of weddings... I am officially declaring this year as the Year of the Baby. Most of my friends either have babies, are pregnant or are trying. So, needless to say I've made one or two things for babies this year. In addition to my Camera/Diaper/All in One Barely bag, I've also gifted quilts, bumpers and.. drum roll please- a christening gown. My best friend's little girl will be christened the day after Christmas. The gown is still in progress but I did make a sample, (I thought that'd be best before I started hacking away at Ashley's beaded wedding shrug) and it didn't look horrible- pics to come! Sometimes I say yes to things and afterward I'm like, oh shit! Can I really do that?? I also want to note that real quilters probably would not count my little blankets as quilts, but I'm okay with that. Also, I kinda feel bad for those who got my first couple quilts.. they have definitely come a long way since then. 

A ruffled quilt for Miss Leighton Annabelle. Photo courtesy of Blue Bug Photography.

A flannel bumper for Mr. Eli Watson

In use!

A little quilt for Miss Lucy Theresa

PS. Speaking of baby/child things- doesn't this Etsy store have the most beautiful, creative decals?


  1. I do that ALL the time..."OH SHIT, can I even make that?!"

    I love the little quilts!

  2. Haha- I did call Ash and was like, maybe I can't- then we decided to do a trial run!

  3. Yes... you'd better get sewing missy. On my dream list of items from Barely Measured are curtains & a bumper for Baby D's room :)

  4. your baby quilts are adorable!


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