Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

Thank goodness it is sunny outside today. For the past week it has been cold, dreary, rainy and gray.  You'd think I wouldn't mind working inside when it's so gross outside but I actually feel less like being crafty. I love to walk the dog in the morning, get a healthy dose of vitamin D and go inside refreshed, invigorated and ready to make things.  And by things I don't mean baked goods, which is another thing I crave when it's cold and dull outside. I'm not saying I don't enjoy baking or even eating baked goods but I'm seriously packing on the pounds. Especially since we live on a road that's way too dangerous to run or walk on, we're an hour from any gym with classes, and I'm not motivated enough to exercise in the living room by myself. Anyhoo, I did indulge my sweet tooth a few days ago and made brownies from scratch. The recipe was super easy and the brownies are delightful!  Grab the recipe here and try them out for yourself :D


with the upcoming move, looking for jobs and constant rain I've been a little stressed-
this tea is amazing!

honey that our friend Vicco 'harvested'? from his bees

lovely earrings my friend Sarah sent me to incorporate in a barely bag!
{thank you}

embracing the vt cold- a little wool hipster jacket for Gristle

ps. We were in Nido yesterday in Burlington and a woman stopped and asked where I got his jacket. I said I made it and she asked if I would make one for her dog, Remy. She bought fabric right then and there and gave it to me to take home! Crazy huh? Later a homeless man shouted at us- saying that he knew Gristle was from the movies... Wishbone perhaps?


  1. sarah gave me those earrings last year for christmas :) can't wait to see how you use them! and as for dog coats- a new line perhaps?

  2. little do you know, gristle lives a secret life.


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