Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Bags and Gift Certificates Available!!

After being completely burnt out for almost week I'm back at it- I wonder if that's how it works? Work like a mad woman and then rest. Maybe I could just get the hang of working at a steady pace... I do know that I'm excited at the prospect of working a regular 9-5 again. For those of you who don't know, Dusty and I are planning our move back south. I actually just put in my first resume yesterday. We've settled on Philly. It seems like a perfect choice, we have tons of friends there, we'd be 1.5 hours from our families... and we love it there! The only thing I'm dreading is moving again... ugh! All that packing.. and UNpacking! Such is life.

ANYWAY, check out my new bags on Etsy. I just love them! Annnnd, gift certificates are now available in $10, $25 and $50 amounts. Perfect gifts for birthdays or the holidays.
bits of fabric and paper sewn to recycled card stock

card exterior.. I'm obsessed with hand stamping!! (I blame Phiona :)


matching envelope 

A holiday-ready clutch:

lovely tartan taffeta... ahh tartan taffeta :)

amazing vintage rhinestone brooch

magnetic snap with soft felt lining


  1. love love love it all!!! and congrats and good luck with the move back :) i miss my hometown!

  2. really? I honestly couldn't decide if it was ugly or not. I mean, I like it but.. lol. glad to hear it's not just me!

  3. I love that clutch - gorgeous! I'm crazy about tartan, especially this time of year.


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