Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm a Lucky Gal

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am especially thankful to be home for Thanksgiving among family and friends. It feels so good to come home :) Dusty and I also were successful in looking for apartments in Philadelphia this weekend and I am STOKED to announce that I will be teaching classes at Spool on South St. in Philly. I stopped by yesterday and met with the owners, Laura and Craig. They also own Loop, a delightful knitting/yarn shop next door. I picked up two skeins of lovely Blue Sky wool and alpaca yarn.

christmas gift makings :)

{diy update}
Inspired by my Built by Wendy dress class I have been trying my hand at garments. I talked a few posts back, about revamping a moo moo I found at a thrift store- I'll save you the painful photos of how that turned out. It's amazing that I was able to make a moo moo look scandalous... guess my measurements on the side seams was a little off... So, I thought I'd try a simple skirt. I found some lovely printed chiffon (which was rather difficult to work with) on an incredible sale. It's a little big, but with a few tweaks it should be rockin'. 

the skirt has a pretty pink lining and sweet little military buttons

{new product sneak peek}
Handcrafted leather handles by Champlain Leather in Burlington are now available! They are SO effing lovely!!!! I was so excited I whipped up a bag for me, yes FOR ME! I used some fabric from the newest line by Echino. Will be available on Etsy soon!

pretty fantastic right?!



  2. Yay! Awesome job! Congratulations!

  3. everything you make is amazing! that skirt is the cutest! whats fun about your stuff is that no one else has it! and congrats on the teaching job! how exciting!


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