Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Baubles

So I got a package in the mail the the other day from a girl I've recently met through Facebook. It's amazing that we haven't met in person because we share many mutual friends- I'm sure we've probably seen each other at Andy's (an old local bar in Chestertown, MD where I lived for 8 years) and didn't even realize it. Anyhoo, Anne had read my post about our trip to Woodstock and saw that I was interested in vintage brooches. So what does she send me? A box of her grandmother's vintage brooches in excellent condition!!??! The trade? A custom barely bag :) I CANNOT WAIT to use them, in fact I've added one to a barely clutch listed on Etsy.

Aren't these fabulous?! Thank you Anne you rock <3

A vintage touch is just what this barely bag was missing!

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