Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over...

One year ago today my best friend and I were hitched. It was such an incredible day. It was a small wedding on his parent's property, with seventy of our closet friends and family on a sunny, crisp October day. I nearly drove myself mad in the months getting ready for the celebration- focusing on the tiniest details. But the result was a day we'll never forget- it was truly a day celebrating love, friendships and family. It was like everyone just came together and helped us have an amazing day.

We worked (and bartered) with many friends to make the day a success, Jeff Carroll from the Fish Whistle and Amuse Bouche Catering handled the catering and bar, Tom Anthony and his now wife, Kim played guitar for the ceremony, Angela from Flower Child provided flowers, (we did our own bouquets and arrangements) and bridal bouquet, my friend, pastry chef Nichole made our delicious cake, Cheryl (my surrogate mother :) ) did everyone's hair, my friend Caiti McDaid-Kelly traveled from the Big Apple to take care of our makeup along with our talented photographer, Conway Liao.

Favorite details:  
- The handmade invitations I made with Dusty's cousin's girlfriend- we drank beer and sat on the floor while stringing pearls on wire and printing on vintage postcards. 
- The favors were homemade blackberry and raspberry jam I made with my mother-in-law Molly (we even picked the berries). 
- Dusty made holders of wire and wood to display our table numbers. 
- I gifted earrings and necklaces to my bridesmaids from Betsy on Etsy. 
- The table runners I made out of a gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. 
- Yummy pumpkin beer added a touch of fall.
- The wedding band made of jarrah wood and titanium by Rob and Lean on Etsy that I surprised Dusty with. 
- Tessa showing me how to make boutonnieres the day before


  1. Yay!!!!!!! Happy anniversary Heather & Dusty! What a wonderful day it was :) xo

  2. Brings back beautiful memories! Keep that honeymoon going... May God continue to bless you for years and years!

  3. It looks (and sounds) like a fantastic day! Happy anniversary!!


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