Friday, September 17, 2010

Lend Me Some Sugar- I Am Your Neighbor

I'm back in Vermont and blogging! Was home in MD for a whole week- it started out as a couple of days but then my ever-faithful (yeah, right) VW was in the shop. But I have to say the time I got to spend with family, friends and my brand new niece and goddaughter makes the many months of paying off the $1,200 in repairs seem not so bad :) I swear, I'm not ready to have kids yet myself but I could've held that baby until she turns five.

In other news- Melissa from Running with Scissors recently sent me some adorable pictures of her daughter, Rory sporting some barely hair clips! Melissa and I worked together to make her a custom barely bag- eager to see if people would like the clips, I threw a pair in with her order. Pretty rad, no?

thanks for the pictures Melissa!

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