Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Shelburne to Woodstock

This past Saturday we headed over to Shelburne Farms for their annual fall harvest fest where I discovered Sweet Annie, a native plant/flower that smells AMAZING!!! There was a giant heap of it and some grape vine for people to fashion festive head gear. Poor Dusty had to stand there for twenty minutes while I waded through the pile with about 30 children- finding "the best" pieces for my harvest fascinator...lol.

This corn blew my mind- if the line hadn't been so long I would've had thirds.

Although he looks somewhat less than thrilled, he wore it around for quite a long time...

sweet annie and grapevine

I think this horse is thinking... fml.

Then on Sunday we headed down to Woodstock, VT for a woodworking and fine furniture show where some of Dusty's classmates and instructors were showing their work. It was really nice but really small- I think it took us about 40 mins. to see everything--it was awesome that Woodstock was such a cool town so we didn't have to leave immediately for the 2 hour drive back home.

halfsies is always better

Highlight of my weekend: I went into a sweet little vintage store and spotted some killer brooches. I've been looking for some vintage bits to add to barely bags and these are in perfect condition but, they were $10 each. (Which I know is probably a good price- but I'm working with a non-existent budget). Dusty was whispering to ask the owner if she could do any better. I was super nervous but I asked her if she could do 3 for $20. She told me if I wanted to spend $20 I should buy two.... what an idiot! Great haggling skills, I didn't even realize I basically asked her to give me one free... So I recovered and said that I wanted them for a handbag I was making and to start with $30 in materials without fabric was a bit pricey. She looked at me and said, "Oh, you'd be re-selling them?" and I said yes. And then she said, "Fine. Three for twenty. I'm all for people selling their handcrafted items." Ummm, wow. I thanked her profusely and promised I'd be back.  I think I unwrapped them and looked at them at least a dozen times on the way home. :) 


  1. omg- please do!!! I'm lonely up here and I'd love to see you!

  2. Thanks for the email. Will be in touch when I know what I want ;) excited

  3. dude--i was totally at the harvest festival & made a princess crown out of annie & then moved onto the grapevines & made a reath!! very cool--wish i would have seen you there!



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