Friday, September 24, 2010

Customer Appreciation

Not to get too sappy but I just need to express my gratitude to everyone who has bought, promoted or cheered on my barely products. It's so nice to have support. It hasn't been easy to move to a new state, eleven hours away from friends and family. As I search for full time employment I'm scrounging for freelance work and sewing, and it's so wonderful to have encouragement along the way. Sometimes I feel ridiculous that I have $800 a month in student loan payments and can't even nail down a full time job but I'm not sure I'm ready or even want to try to take barely measured to the next step- which is to spend 100% of my energy on making and selling it. It's safe to keep it as a hobby/side business and I'm not sure how brave I'm feeling lately.

Anyway, what brought all this sharing on is the blog love I've been receiving lately. Jess over at I Rock So What posted about her barely bag- the first of it's kind. Jess emailed me asking if I could make her a bag that would work as a diaper bag AND camera bag. After her post I had more followers, more Etsy views, and two orders for her bag, and the Juliette and Erica were born. One of those orders was from Melissa at Running with Scissors- and she sent me pics of her daughter rocking some barely clips. Tessa from At The Beach is a loyal customer, who should be on my payroll for all her barely marketing. Recently, Aundra from Fit for Life blogged about her new barely apron, here- AND she later posted a pic of her coasters- my scraptastic September giveaway. It freaking makes my day to see pics of barely measured in action and to see that people are actually liking what I'm doing :)

Some of Aundra's pics:

I'm thinking I need to step up my photos for Etsy...

LOVE this!!!

So here's the gist- THANK YOU! Us DYI, blogging, crafting ladies need to stick together. So, while I don't have a ton of followers- if you make something cool or have an awesome blog- I'd love to promote it! Either send me the code for a button or an email and I'll post about it.


  1. I've always been a big fan of yours! I'm glad things are picking up and you're adjusting to life away from home. We miss ya, but the world out there is better for getting a slice of you.

    Keep plugging away, you've got a gift.

  2. I keep meaning to do a post about the bag and hairclips- will do this weekend!

  3. Yay barely measured! The "scraptastic" coasters live in my office -- they come in very handy!!

  4. i love what you've been doing, keep it up!!


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