Sunday, September 5, 2010

Champlain Valley Expo- A VT Rite of Passage

This is what my good friend Tessa, a native Vermonter- said when we were discussing things Dusty and I must do while we're here. So today we took a sunny drive to Essex, home of the annual celebration of livestock, maple syrup, stone washed jeans and fried dough.

the maple cotton candy was perhaps our favorite part of the day

if you can fry it- they serve it

we want one of these...

and these

these made us miss gristle... weird

a bunch of mountian tees I bought my friend Meghan... ahhahaha

I only took this pic so I could say I hate circuses- for this reason

fried dough with apple topping

he couldn't resist...

the lure of fried oreos 


  1. Piggies!

    And those poor tigers :(

  2. I love that you enjoyed the cotton candy! I should've had you ship me some :) And I also forgot to tell you to check out the chickens.... did you see them? My mom would always drag us there to see the wild hairstyles they had (oh, and she would often bring one home....). xo

  3. The Indiana State Fair has french fried oreos and everything else... including fried butter????

  4. fried butter??? that's a little extreme, haha!

    Tessa- we did go see the chickens!!! And we saw chicks hatching out of their eggs :)

  5. i so want to go there right now. fried oreos and maple flavored cotton candy :drool::

  6. WHERE ARE MY SHIRTS? I specifically asked for one with a wolf howling at the moon. WHERE IS IT?

  7. justine!!?! you eat fried oreos??!! :)


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