Monday, August 9, 2010

Sterling Pond

Just past Smuggler's Notch there is a pull off on rt. 108 and trail that leads up to Sterling Pond. The other day Tessa, Mike, Dusty and I hiked up to the pond and to the top of the ridge. It was a fairly short but strenuous hike although the views were definitely worth it!

can you tell which one of us lives at the beach?

summer skiing..

smuggler's cave


  1. Great pics Heather!!!!! Love love love.

  2. Beautiful! How wonderful that you are able to have such adventures... and that your friend, Tess was able to visit! Keep going, girlfriend!!!

  3. Heather, where do you get you awesome fabric....i just love you taste..where can I purchase these gorgous materials?


  4. Michele- Thanks! I get my fabric in a few places- Etsy, Mood in NYC, and local stores.... including JoAnn's although I try not too. Sometimes it's the only option as far as price and location.


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