Monday, August 23, 2010

an inspired monday

So my day is in need of a little inspiration- hopefully yours is too! Since I haven't found a full time job yet, I've had more time to peruse my favorite blogs and scope out Etsy a bit. Here are some things I'm currently loving:

1. I want these pillows by Naked Sewing
2. Hysterical owl also by Naked Sewing
3. A haircut I adore but need to realize is not for me... (I do this a lot)
4. and 5. Ahh-mazing dresses by Marc Jacobs- I'll take both please
6. and 7. First of all, I LOVE peter pan collars! Second, these dresses by Michelle Tan are lovely.


  1. those pillows would be awesome in a kid's room.

  2. plus- she up-cycles button down shirts!!


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