Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green River Canoe Trip

Dusty and I decided that we are both workaholics and we need to be better about scheduling time to relax and enjoy life- especially before winter hits and I'm too terrified to drive anywhere. Last weekend we took Sunday off and rented a canoe. Gristle was a hit in his little life vest and we completed the 8.5 mile trip in just under 3 hours. We had a great time and the scenery was amazing.

okay.. maybe we were more preoccupied with taking pics of the dog..


  1. OMG the life vest for Gristle is pretty darn cute. Did he end up in the water for a swim? Impressed that you rented the canoe!

  2. Gris pretty much hates being wet- he only jumped in when he was scrambling for shore!

  3. Mr. Gristles is so cute in his little vest! I need to take the beagles on a canoe trip just so I can get them life vests.

  4. hahaha!!! YES! and then send me pics :)


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