Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ghetto Blogging

So, I'm sitting in my car, in the parking lot of the coffee shop down the road because it's closed and because I need to use the internet. yeah... the one thing making it even more annoying is the creepy man in the van next to me- either enjoying the wifi as well or stitching up a quick skin suit from his latest parking lot victim-- I can't wait until the cable company hooks up our internet! Anyhoo- the lack of internet is why I've been posting three or four posts at a time.. bear with me!

A lot of exciting things have been happening lately with barelymeasured- including a custom order from a fabulous lady- Jess from IROCKSOWHAT. (While you're checking out her blog- if you're not already familiar- you should go ahead and vote for her blog HERE!) With her growing photography interest (she's got mad skillz) and adorable son, Wyatt, Jess was looking for a handbag that could accommodate everything from cameras and diapers to a wallet and chap stick.  I'm really excited about what I came up with:

The exterior fabric is a heavyweight canvas from Ikea that I am obsessed with and the lining is an organic cotton. I lined the entire bag with interfacing for structure and fleece to protect valuables. Two padded pockets on the inside would be great for a camera and lenses. I also love the heavy duty inset zipper.


  1. Awesome Heather! I love the bag you made for Jess. Am thinking one of those will be in my future :)

  2. Gorgeous!

    I just started following Jess too, she's pretty neat. Small world. And yes, I voted.

  3. i am obsessed with that fabric from ikea too! i want to re-do my chair cushions with it.
    and i'm obsessed with Jess and Wyatt also of course! ;)

  4. So this is what Jess was freaking out about? I would be extremely excited too though! AWESOME bag!

  5. thanks everyone!! i think I'm going to list this bag on Etsy as a made-to-order item!

    claudia- would love to see pictures if you redo your chair! I love before and afters :)

  6. that is one hott bag! it's buh-nana's! and the fabric is pretty darn fab too. you have such a great eye :)

  7. thanks for the vote biscuit! haha.. i love calling you biscuit :)

    ps. wanna talk trade sometime- I love your headbands!


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