Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barelymeasured Going... Wholesale?

Maybe, we'll see. I just shipped off a sample box of my new fall accessories to Flower Child, in Chestertown, MD after the owner, Angela called me to see if I'd be interested in selling wholesale and starting an accessory line. I've been selling Barely Bags there for a little over a year now on commission and it would be super rad to have the opportunity to sell wholesale AND to expand into accessories. I don't want to jinx it but I am too excited not to post. Here is a peek at what I sent her:


  1. so i need that newsprint fabric in the camera bag you made in the previous post. do you have any of it left? also, can i order some hair clips from you for rory and one of her friends for christmas? (i'd rather give you full price than buy them in ctown and you only get a portion!) let me know :) i can always send you a formal request through etsy if you prefer!

    (btw- i'm so proud of you! your business is really taking off!)

  2. I really really really like the purse! What type of fabric did you use for it? The hair clips are AWESOME.

  3. I like all your bags, but I LOVE that newsprint bag and want one. So much!

    Hooray wholesale! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And thanks for the Etsy tips. I'm shooting for opening up shop the first week of September.

  4. Melissa: I listed the camera bag on Etsy- totally possible to do in that fabric- and the hair clips. I will be listing more hair clips in the next few days if you want to see other colors/designs. Also- we can customize that tote if you need any additional pockets etc.

    Tessa: The Newsprint is by Sweetwater and I just ordered two more yards!

    Kate: I have enough fabric to do another newsprint wristlet if you're interested. Actually, I'm gonna make another anyway and list it tomorrow- so no pressure :) I'm excited to see your etsy shop!

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  6. Oh joy -very happy for you here in PA! and oh ya, the newsprint bag is totally awesome.

  7. YIPEE! so yes, do whatever you want to the bag! that size looks to be perfect. i have 3 classrooms this year (I go from drama to dance to reading and back to drama) so i need something with pockets. if you want to leave the zipper off that's fine.

    LOVE the print for the outside, but feel free to change up the inside and use whatever you have :) i'm not picky!

    i'll buy the bag and hair clips at the same time tomorrow night (as long as the bag isn't sold by then!). i'll copy and paste this into an etsy convo too!

  8. Ooh, I love the newsprint fabric. Will you be making any messenger bags or totes with it? I would completely buy one!
    -Molly Crumbley

  9. apparently the newsprint fabric is discontinued...... :(

  10. YEAH... we won;t jinx it... My Native American friend says we should say, "Money jump into my pocket!" So, we wish it for you!!!

    Where can I get that newspaper fabric??? Awesome... I teach a newspaper class... I NEED it...

    deb and ray

  11. CONGRATS!!! My Native American friend says we all need to say aloud: MONEY JUMP INTO OUR POCKET. So that is what Ray and I will do for you!!! What a great opportunity...

    I NEED that newspaper fabric... I teach a newspaper in education course... where can I get it???

    Good luck, Heather... you deserve it. deb and ray

  12. OMG Great! Good for you Heather, you don't need luck, you got skillz!

    Thanx for fixing your button too, I couldn't find the code yesterday (guess you changed the pic a little?)

    You inspire me, I'm still trying to build the nerve up to start an Etsy shop.

  13. Do it!!! Why not??? You've got mad skills T! And yes.. the pic looked blurry so I was trying to fix it.

    Deb- that fabric is discontinued... a total bummer!

  14. Oh! I never saw your reply. Has someone already bought the other wristlet? If not, I will! If they have, I have some killer paisley fabric that I'd LOVE to ask you to do a custom order with. Hopefully there's enough of it to make something small.

    I'm going to start listing things in my shop this weekend (maybe even tomorrow if I get my act together)!

  15. Kate- just saw this! I haven't sold the other wristlet- and I'd love to do a custom order for you so whichever you prefer! I love your etsy shop!


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