Thursday, July 29, 2010

vermont adventure photo update

my first vt visitor! (we're enjoying poutine, a favorite Quebecois dish) 

welcome to stowe

route 108 through smugglers notch- closed in the winter months

welcome to jeff's falls

climbing up to the gorge

sunset drive in search of creamies aka. maple soft serve

view from front yard

our evening roll in the yard with gristle

such a wise dog...


  1. so jealous! it looks amazing dude.

  2. Wow! Beautiful country!! Glad to see Gristle likes it, too. You are so wise to be getting acquainted with the area. Did I ever tell you I spent 5 years hating Colorago (because it wasn't Maryland)? Then, I loved it for the following 3 years.

  3. wow everything looks so beautiful!!! gristle is too cute!!

  4. it looks gorgeous Heather! JEALOUS!

  5. amazing! you should sell some pictures on etsy too :)

  6. Gristle is ADORABLE. The end.


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