Saturday, July 17, 2010

vermont adventure part two

so after a twelve hour drive (the uhaul did not like any inclines whatsoever)- we arrived at our new home which is located on the same property as the vermont woodworking school. when the school bought the property it included the barn- which has been completely rehabbed into the school, complete with silo living quarters, and a farmhouse broken down into a few apartments- which is where we live. finally, five days after the move we are finally settled in.

our front entrance
our side entrance
the garden

dining and office area

two sinks may not seem like a big deal but i have never had this- it's so cool to have my own sink sans beard trimmings and dried toothpaste globs and an entire medicine cabinet for myself!!!
obviously the guest room/sewing room needs some attention... but the built in shelves are pretty rad!


  1. oh my gosh, that is awesome heather! what brought you guys to vermont anyway?

  2. dusty will be attending the vermont woodworking school starting in august!

  3. oh right on! hopefully you'll be able to tie that in with your etsy shop. i mentioned you on my blog by the way. i was thinking, i could advertise your etsy shop for you if you want... BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME A BAG! and we could call it a deal! if you're not interested, that's fine. i just thought maybe you'd be into that.

  4. I would be honored if you'd carry a barely bag! send me an email about what kind of bag you'd like, size, shape, colors, fabric.... thank you for your post!!! <3

  5. we gotta make a banner for you or something that i can keep in my sidebar that direct links to your etsy page. that's what i meant about advertise for you. i'll just keep it there. i get a pretty good amount of hits a day, so hopefully it could benefit you.

    you know what i've been really needing? a bag that i can use as a diaper bag/camera bag in one. i need a bag that can hold my camera safely and a few lenses, but also big enough for me to just throw the random crap in that i need too. i hate carrying two different bags. anyway, i feel sorta badly about telling you I WANT A BAG, so, just let me know what's do-able for you. my email is jessica.malia.craig at gmail dot com

  6. OMG this place is gorgeous! WHAT'DA HECK?! I'm totally moving!

  7. I missed this post when you actually posted it but I gotta say that yellow in your living room and bedrooms is so dreamy! Now I want to paint my sewing room yellow!


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