Saturday, July 17, 2010

coolest gift ever

so when i left, my washington college family gave dusty and i a pretty fantastic gift- a membership to a CSA (community sustained agriculture) program up here. so for the next 16 weeks we will get fresh local veggies, fresh homemade bread and eggs!!! we picked up our first week's worth on thursday. they didn't have bread this week so we got some blueberries instead.
ps. the stringy green things in the upper right corner are garlic scapes- the tops of the garlic plant. they are considered to be a delicacy- we chopped them up and served them over our omelets and they were awesome! 


  1. that is SERIOUSLY so awesome. i would love to join one of those...

  2. Good for you Heather! glad your friends got you off on the right foot up there. Lots of resources through CASA. We love Vermont and have friends close to Burlington. Hope you guys get settled in for the Fall, it is gorgeous up there.



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