Thursday, May 20, 2010

a lesson in production

so you know that barelymeasured is named for the fact that I rarely, if at all- measure. which is kinda great because each bag truly is one-of-a-kind and i never promise to replicate anything i've made. sooooo, the fact that I just completed a custom order for five bridesmaid clutches is a little mind boggling. it was definitely a lesson in learning the most efficient way to complete the bags AND have them match (size, shape, etc). i procrastinated for months- filled with dread at the prospect of cutting the beautiful designer fabric... but- i finally took the plunge this week and i have to say they might be the best thing i've made thus far. lucky for me the bride was super easygoing and she allowed me to add a little "personality" to each bag- i definitely had fun with it!


  1. i definitely liked the triple ruffled one the best!

  2. too cute! i hope you make more of these for your shop :)


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