Wednesday, December 30, 2009

what a busy holiday!

I've decided I am terrible at keeping a blog! It's always an item on my to do list- but somehow it always gets pushed back until 'the next day' or a month later... I wish I could set aside one day a week to catch up here and my website.. maybe one day.

This month has been incredibly busy and somehow I managed to fill over 20 handbag orders before Christmas! I haven't sold a bag in New York yet but I'm thrilled to have them there :) Etsy has also been kind of slow and I've been entertaining the idea of just making bags as a hobby- instead of getting home from work and trying to get as many done before I fall asleep. I've been thinking about going back to school to finish my MFA. I guess we'll see...

My husband gave me a serger for Christmas and I'm going to a class tonight to learn how to use it! I'm really excited to start making garments.. although the thought of using patterns is pretty intimidating. Next on my list: find a dressmaker's dummy and have my husband build me a cutting table.
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